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Does anyone know how I turn off the SQL validation in Intellij IDEA 9?

We often have more than one connection to a different type of database within one class. IntelliJ only allows one SQL dialect per class, resulting in what IntelliJ thinks are errors, so litters my code with red lines.

Ideally I'd just like to turn the errors off completely, as they are distracting and not actually real errors.

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Settings > Inspections. Unselect 'SQL'. Alternatively you can place your cursor on the error and press alt+enter. One of the options will be 'Disable Inspection'.

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Usually I just put my cursor to the right of the error so the lightbulb appears. Them press alt-enter and then arrow-right. Another menu pops up that provides various supression options.

I'm not totally sure this will let you supress all the warnings globally, but you usually get rid of the ones that are troubling you fairly quickly.

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Unfortunately that just jumps me to the dialog box to change SQL dialect for that class. Same issue! More than one dialect per class :( – Noel M Jul 8 '10 at 9:28

You could use a comment language= before the statement, i.E.

String stmt1 = "INSERT INTO a (b) values(?)";
String stmt2 = "SELECT SYSDATE FROM dual";


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