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All my previous projects were on websphere. I am right now in a team developing an application on weblogic.

In Websphere development (WSSD/RAD) the server was more "integrated" with the IDE, so a build could automatically trigger an incremental deployment to the (development/local) server.

Is such a setup possible in a weblogic environment? I googled for some weblogic plugins for eclipse, but I dont see this mentioned as a feature.

What is the best setup for development on weblogic+eclipse, so that the build/deploy/restart overhead is minimal during development?

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If you don't mind changing the IDE, you can use JDeveloper or Netbean. They both have integration with weblogic. – Khue Vu Jul 12 '10 at 6:07
@khue I will not be change the IDE. A team is already developing on eclipse, and changes would need some change-of-midsets, not to mention the level of approvals. So I am looking at an eclipse option. – Nivas Jul 12 '10 at 7:09

There is a WebLogic ant task for redeploying an application. I'm using this from a command-line build.xml as a separate 'redeploy' target, under WLS 9.2, but it can be added to Eclipse's build quite easily I think:

<!-- Redeploy the application to WebLogic Server -->
    action="redeploy" verbose="true" name="<application name>"
    user="<admin user>" password="<admin password>"
    adminurl="t3://<admin server URL>" targets="<server name>" />

<server name> might be a managed server, or could be your admin server, depending on your configuration.

If you're using sessions and are going to be redeploying frequently, you may find it helpful add a persistent-store-type to your weblogic.xml to allow sessions to span redeploys, if you aren't doing so already - but as so often, depends what you're doing with your application.

Edited to add link to docs

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