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I'm not able to find any good web scraping Java based API. The site which I need to scrape does not provide any API as well; I want to iterate over all web pages using some pageID and extract the HTML titles / other stuff in their DOM trees.

Are there ways other than web scraping?


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extract title is not difficult, and you have many options ( search here in SO for HTML Parsers in Java )

one of them is use: http://jsoup.org/

you can navigate the page using DOM if you know the page structure: http://jsoup.org/cookbook/extracting-data/dom-navigation

its a good library and i use it in my last projects.

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Thanks, it's a nice library with no dependencies so it's quite lightweight. Also, it's headless so it doesn't need a browser (I've had problems with Selenium opening Chrome and I couldn't use HtmlUnit at all). Selenium must be more realistic but this library might serve the purpose in most scraping cases and it's really easy to setup: add the dependency and you're good to go. –  Ferran Maylinch May 31 '14 at 17:13

Your best bet is to use Selenium Web Driver since it

  1. Provides visual feedback to the coder (see your scraping in action, see where it stops)
  2. Accurate and Consistent as it directly controls the browser you use.
  3. Slow. Doesn't hit web pages like HtmlUnit does but sometimes you don't want to hit too fast.

    Htmlunit is fast but is horrible at handling Javascript and AJAX.

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HTMLUnit can be used to do web scraping, it supports invoking pages, filling & submitting forms. I have used this in my project. It is good java library for web scraping. read here for more

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mechanize for Java would be a good fit for this, and as Wadjy Essam mentioned it uses JSoup for the HMLT. mechanize is a stageful HTTP/HTML client that supports navigation, form submissions, and page scraping.

http://gistlabs.com/software/mechanize-for-java/ (and the GitHub here https://github.com/GistLabs/mechanize)

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I would suggest you a combination of Groovy and HtmlUnit. For lower level handling, you can use HttpBuilder.

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Look at an HTML parser such as TagSoup, HTMLCleaner or NekoHTML.

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You could try ui4j library for web scraping. It requires Java 8 and uses JavaFx WebKit browser.

Check this BingSearch example.

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Jaunt is a new (monthly-free) headless browser API that's geared for web scraping. It lets you parse HTML/XML and manipulate the DOM but also provides document-level components, like Forms and Hyperlinks. It has a lot of short, simple examples to get you started.

Jaunt-API website


Jaunt has a unique (\ bizarre) license: Both the software and the license expire at the end of every month, at which point the most recent version should be downloaded.

See here

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Note that Jaunt is NOT free (neither beer nor freedom) as for example is stated by Tom Cervenka (main developer) in [this post] (groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/jaunt-api/ZriJ1rI-dHg/…). –  EPSG31468 Apr 8 '14 at 21:25
this is bad advice if you plan on using it with android. it has superclass conflicts that cannot be resolved by tweaking build path or order/export. also, the jar expires every single month, so plan on future headaches. otherwise, it's fun to use but there are downsides –  ThumbsDP Aug 3 '14 at 16:31

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