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Can someone explain this WPF behaviour?

      <!-- Rounded mask -->
      <Border Name="mask" VerticalAlignment="Top" Background="Black" CornerRadius="48" Height="400" Width="400"  />
            <!-- Use a VisualBrush of 'mask' as the opacity mask -->
                <VisualBrush Visual="{Binding ElementName=mask}" />
              <Border Background="Red" Height="400" Width="400"/>
              <Border Background="Blue" Height="200" Width="400"/>


As I would expect, the above code generates the following image (Kaxaml):

alt text

When I change the line

<Border Background="Blue" Height="200" Width="400"/>


<Border Background="Blue" Height="200" Width="600"/> 

the image is as follow (didn't expect):

alt text

The corners are not rounded anymore! This question is actually a "scaled down" example of a problem I'm experiencing in my software, which uses similar masks.

How can I work around this?

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Add Stretch="None" to the visual brush.

VisualBrush can (and by default will) stretch the image of the visual it is displaying even if the size of the original visual is fixed.

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