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How do you get to view the files which have changed, the following fetch / update command seems to fetching some data but I don't have a clear picture of what got changed in the last run.

c:\examples>git fetch
got fac9a16c714aaa993267269676980f6433430797
walk fac9a16c714aaa993267269676980f6433430797
got 8751f9c82175ca08d1d1a2549b24479a72b10d0f
got c3e210c5a0cb9316d9f67a31bc0adba622866d5e
got 43a1ac031d097952d607acc93f4e1524ec06cc46
walk 43a1ac031d097952d607acc93f4e1524ec06cc46
got 78012cec43abb804dc3db59024452b8dd98fac54
got 32e287698fdbacd09fe3bafd92bf62291cfef6aa
walk 32e287698fdbacd09fe3bafd92bf62291cfef6aa
got 9e022dd8f4e35c446504ea232566b590e299e975
got 35bce0fdc496a65697d3ca1e5010d9448476c00f
got 0749e58ec244915b98377bba44e869e28f678df0
got 6f3836ed45a0a89a171d384c8c2c08bf260b14e5
got 3191d7c953b6fd342b3008e166243610377eac38
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 git fetch && git log ..origin/master

is more precise. See this SO question.

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A git diff will show you the difference between the files.

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