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Applications like CCTray allow one to specify a sound clip to indicate that a build is successful or that a build failed. I'm interested to hear what set of sounds different teams are using.

Here are two sets that we use:

  • Homer Simpson: "d'oh" for a build failure, "woohoo!" for success
  • Mario bros: power down sound for a build failure, power up for a build success, 1-up for a build fixed
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You put sounds in? Man I build thousands of times a day! I would go insane.. –  Boris Callens Nov 28 '08 at 7:50
You don't need CCtray to do this. Visual Studio installs events in the system sound control that you can then assign to sounds. –  Steve Fallows Nov 28 '08 at 13:48
"The Build" on one of my projects (up to 3 EARs for different environments) can take a few minutes to run, so I look forward to hearing a ding when it finishes (or doesn't finish). –  Ed Brannin Jan 29 '10 at 17:36

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South Park:

  • "Oh my God, they've killed Kenny!" for a build failure.
  • "Kickass!" (Cartman) for a success.
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I produce a soft groaning sound for a build fail.

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In earlier versions of the Microsoft C/C++ compilers, I've used sounds from the pinball game that came with Windows XP and the Windows 95 Plus! pack. I used sounds that the game used for successful actions for successful build events; and I used sounds that the game used for failure events (like losing the ball) I used for build failure or warning events. I also used pinball sounds for events like hitting a breakpoint in the debugger. Sadly, the latest versions of MS Visual Studio don't expose nearly as many events to the Sounds control panel anymore. :-(

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For build failures: Tom Hanks from Apollo 13, "Houston, we have a problem."

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And your co-workers appreciate your computer producing the same sounds over and over again? A gazillion times a week? Man, I can't even play music in here without getting complaints.

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hehe - good point. Maybe only have a sound for the build breaking? That would really make it just that little bit more painful to break the build :) –  Trumpi Nov 28 '08 at 8:07
`That's why they make headphones. –  RobH Feb 17 '09 at 21:52
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