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I want to add text to speech user guided instruction to my applications. Where can I find a Text to speech component to do that. I do not want to use the Windows functions.

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Chant SpeechKit has everithing you need

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If you just want a Delphi component that 'wraps' the Windows speech API, you could try this:

However, if you want a complete speech synthesizer which is totally independent of the Windows system, that's a different problem.

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Yes - an independent one. – private Nov 26 '08 at 12:02

A few suggestions after a wander thru the web:

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I read the Brian Long articles

And wrote my own. I use this all day long to read newsgroups, emails and articles.

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Very interesting, although mm2010 indicated he didn't want to use Windows functions. – onnodb Nov 26 '08 at 17:30 is a private API helps us to recognize speech and convert text to speech

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