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I am trying to write a client that can make both HTTP and HTTPS requests depending on how it is configured. For normal HTTP, I have been using twisted.web.client.Agent and using agent.request(METHOD, HOST, HEADERS, CONTENT) to make the requests. What I care about is that host field, when I do HTTP it works doing something like "http://localhost:8000", but if I switch to HTTPS, I get an error:

Failure: twisted.web.error.SchemeNotSupported: Unsupported scheme: 'https'

I am aware of the existence of the client.getPage method, but I was wondering if there was any similarly awesome and high level methods that I can make requests with just like agent.request, but using HTTPS?

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HTTPS support was only recently added to twisted.web.client.Agent. If you can use Twisted 10.1, very recently released, then Agent will accept your HTTPS URLs.

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You can see the progress of this feature as it was added here: – Glyph Jul 8 '10 at 16:38

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