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Possible Duplicate:
How to identify whether a file is normal file or directory using python

How do you check if a path is a directory or file in python?

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os.path.isfile("bob.txt") # Does bob.txt exist?  Is it a file, or a directory?
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Many of the Python directory functions are in the os.path module.

import os
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use os.path.isdir(path)

more info here

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An education example from the stat documentation:

import os, sys
from stat import *

def walktree(top, callback):
    '''recursively descend the directory tree rooted at top,
       calling the callback function for each regular file'''

    for f in os.listdir(top):
        pathname = os.path.join(top, f)
        mode = os.stat(pathname)[ST_MODE]
        if S_ISDIR(mode):
            # It's a directory, recurse into it
            walktree(pathname, callback)
        elif S_ISREG(mode):
            # It's a file, call the callback function
            # Unknown file type, print a message
            print 'Skipping %s' % pathname

def visitfile(file):
    print 'visiting', file

if __name__ == '__main__':
    walktree(sys.argv[1], visitfile)
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Not the prettiest solution, but if you've already got a stat structure, this allows you to avoid making an extra system call / disk seek via os.path.isfile or friends. – Joshua Richardson May 12 '14 at 18:39

If you check to see if there is a directory present, it should tell you if it's a file or not (if there's not a directory, I'm assuming you can safely assume that because there's not a directory there must be a file there).

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