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I need to call a few webservices while constructing an MVC page, so I'm threading the work via the threadpool, and using ManualResetEvents to to determine when I have my results.

If one of the threads throws an exception though, it'll crash the app. I have exception handling set up via a Filter, but I need to get the exception back to the primary rendering thread first.

I can't use BackgroundWorker, because I need to 'join' the work, and render the page.

Suggestions? Anyone?

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You can keep a queue with the exceptions and when the ManualResetEvent is finally set check the queue before you continue.

private readonly Queue<Exception> _exceptions = new Queue<Exception>();

private void DoWork(object o)
        // ...
    catch (Exception ex)
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Good call Chaos. I was hoping for something more generic (I'd created a LINQ-based DSL for this), but I suppose I can work in an exceptions queue w/out too much trouble. Thanks. –  Jeff D Jul 8 '10 at 21:49

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