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I have html code as a string variable

like a = "<span> Spain will win ....... </span>"

and I want to heightlight "spa" in the String.

I have to use RegExp, How should I write the pattern that it ignores the "spa" on span tag, but highlight in Spain.


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JavaScript doesn't support lookbehind, so you're a bit limited, but this should work:



\b: Assert that the match starts at a word boundary.

Spa: Match Spa.

(?!...): Assert that it is impossible to match the following:

n: An n, followed by...

[^>]*: zero or more non-> characters, followed by...

>: a >.

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@Gert G: [quote]and I want to heightlight "spa" in the String.[/quote] – jigfox Jul 8 '10 at 16:25

You can try this:

var s = "<span> Spain will win ....... </span>Spaniel";
s.replace(/(spa(?!n[^>]*>))/ig,'<span class="highlight">\$1</span>')
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@Gert G: Yes I tried! I didn't highlight Spain, but that wasn't asked for, it should highlight only the "spa" of "spain", but not the "spa" from "<span>". the resulting string: "<span> <span class="highlight">Spa</span>in will win ....... </span><span class="highlight">Spa</span>niel" – jigfox Jul 8 '10 at 16:23

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