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In my script, i need to get width of an element in "ex" units (font width)

Is there any way to do this using JavaScript, jQuery ?

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Element width / font-size in pixels? Edit: er, that's not quite right, font-size corresponds to em. For ex, you'll need to know the x-height of the particular font an calculate accordingly. You can probably determine this programmatically by adding a box with the same font and size, setting it to width: 1ex and calculating its pixel width. – eyelidlessness Jul 8 '10 at 15:35
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Not directly. jQuery uses the offsetWidth and offsetHeight properties, which only return integer values. If the exact width you're looking for is specified in the stylesheet, you can probably use element.css('width') and get the intended result, but, otherwise, you'll have to either do some serious trickery to convert, or just deal with using pixels instead.

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