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I have a instance of Mule that is configured to process xml responses from a third party provider. Recently the provider has moved to a new revision and hence changed the xml response. Now I need a way to identify if the response is a v1 or v2 implementation and call the appropriate endpoint on my side to process the response.

What I have currently is:

<service name="processResponse">
            <cxf:outbound-endpoint address="..." clientClass="..." wsdlPort="..." wsdlLocation="..." operation="..."/>

I would prefer to add a filter in mule to identify the revision of the 3rd party (perhaps through the xml namespace in the response), and then call the appropriate class. I cannot find any good examples of this.

Can someone provide an example of how this could be solved?

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Take a look at this example, where some version transformation is demonstrated.

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I suspect the most straight forward means is a filtered route using an xpath filter. First define vm services for each version. Next you'll filter to them through a service with following outbound endpoint. A catch all is always a good idea.

    <vm:outbound-endpoint ref="Version1"/>
    <expression-filter evaluator="jxpath" expression="/your/version1/xpath/descriminator"/>
    <vm:outbound-endpoint ref="Version2"/>
    <expression-filter evaluator="jxpath" expression="/your/version2/xpath/descriminator"/>
    <stdio:outbound-endpoint system="ERR"/>
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