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I am trying to figure out how to insert the same value into the entire column of a table? The table already exists and I have an empty column into which I would like to insert a certain value, for example, today's date. I have only found sources explaining how to insert values into an entire row.

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UPDATE myTable SET myColumn='newValue'

newValue can be an expression


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I think we need a bit more info to understand the issue, it sounds like you just want...

INSERT INTO table_foo (my_empty_column_name) values (current_date);

If you've already got data there and you want to UPDATE that column for all rows then...

UPDATE table_foo SET my_empty_column_name = current_date;
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I would think you're trying to UPDATE.

UPDATE myTable set myColumn = 'WHATEVER'
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Seems like you ought to be able to do something like this:

INSERT INTO films (title) VALUES ('Tampopo'), WHERE TRUE;

(Adapted from: )

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