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I properly installed MongoDB and got it running on my OSX. The first app I created using MongDB and Rails3 was titled 'todo". Per the instructions on railscasts, I created a file (config/initilializers/ mongo.rb) and added this line:

MongoMapper.database = "todo-

Presumably, this created the files that appeared in my /data/db/ file entitled "todo- development". When I used the generate command in Rails to create the models, the data was correctly stored in this file. All good, up to this point.

The problem now is that I can't seem to create NEW files in the /data/db file when I create new apps with Rails. (I think) the data file should be created from the initializer file (ex:

MongoMapper.database = "newproject-

that I add to each new app. But it is not.

Here's my gemfIle (that worked with my first app!:

require 'rubygems'
gem 'mongo', '1.0'
source 'http://gemcutter.org'

gem 'rails', '3.0.0.beta4'
gem "mongo_mapper"
gem 'bson_ext', '1.0' 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Finally figured this out with the help Kristian Mandrup in a Google Group. Thanks Kristian. I needed to uncomment the config.generator in my application.rb file and change orm from active_record to mongo_mapper. (btw, the error I was getting before when trying to run the generator was ""No value provided for required options '--orm'.")

More here: http://www.viget.com/extend/rails-3-generators-hooks/

For what it's worth, I'm including the entire process that I needed to take in order to get MongoDB and Rails 3 working together properly.

Install MongoDB on OSX

$ sudo port install mongodb

Create a data directory:

$ sudo mkdir -p /data/db

Set permissions for data directory:

$sudo chown `id -u` /data/db

Start Mongo in Terminal:

$ mongod run

Visit local host to verify that MongoDB is running:


Create new project with Rails 3:

$ rails new projectname --skip-activerecord

Add this to the gemfile:

require 'rubygems'
gem 'mongo', '1.0'
source 'http://gemcutter.org'
gem 'rails', '3.0.0.beta4'
gem "mongo_mapper"
gem 'bson_ext', '1.0'

uncomment out (and modify) these lines in application.rb file:

config.generators do |g|
    g.orm :mongo_mapper

Create config/initializer/mongo.rb file:

MongoMapper.connection = Mongo::Connection.new('localhost', 27017)
MongoMapper.database = "projectname-#{Rails.env}"

Create a lib/tasks/mongo.rake file:

namespace :db do
  namespace :test do
    task :prepare do # Stub out for MongoDB

Install gems:

$bundle install

Create first model:

$rails generate scaffold Product name:string --skip-migration

Create models/product.rb file:

class Product
 include MongoMapper::Document
  key :name, string
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