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I've got a DataGrid that shows a tooltip on each item.. but there are a few items where there shouldn't be a tooltip. So I thought I could prevent the being showed.

protected function toolTipStart(event:ToolTipEvent) : void
  LOG.debug('Start  ' + event); 


But it does not work. Has anyone an idea?

regards Cyrill

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stopImmedatePropogation will just stop further event listeners from catching the event; it does not have a relation to whether or not the toolTip is created.

I'm pretty sure you set the toolTip property of the event to null; then the toolTip will not show up.

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I tried to set event to null in the event listeners (TOOLTIP_START, TOOLTIP_CREATE, TOOLTIP_SHOW) .. but had no impact on the tooltip. But I could set the tooltip invisible event.tooltip.visible = false; thanks for your help –  Cyrill Zadra Jul 9 '10 at 9:55

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