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I have two operating systems, very small ones.

  1. Kolibri
  2. Kubuntu

I also have a program made in QBasic which runs on MSDOS.

The two OS are .iso bootable, and the program is a simple .exe. I need the two OSs on my flash drive and the program also. When I boot up my PC with the flash drive on it I need to have the option to select wich OS to run, and the option to run the program too. Some thing like a grub or a custom made program.

How can i do this?

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You cannot run your program without loading the OS first. GRUB is a bootloader that will give control to the specified operating system (which in place initializes your devices/networking/etc). So unless your exe is an operating system on its own you won't be able to run it, unfortunately

One possible solution: have an installation of windows (maybe even very old version of such), cut its size down with tools you can find on the web, put your program into the installation and autorun it once that windows is booted by GRUB or whatever.

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program called Ultra-ISO for windows have the similar kind of feature. you can put exes on a ISO along with making it bootable. have a look at this.

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