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I have table that I want to sum 3 rows of one column how can I do that?

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If I understand your question correctly - you should use the SUM() function

SELECT SUM(the_column) 
FROM the_table 
WHERE condition-to-get-your-three-rows

A "WHERE" clause will allow to specify which 3 rows you want to be summed up. Some examples of "WHERE" clauses are below:

WHERE row_id < 3


WHERE active = 'Yes'

So the above statement may look like

SELECT SUM(the_column) 
FROM the_table 
WHERE active = 'Yes'
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how can i get those three rows – Johanna Jul 8 '10 at 19:16
you need to write a WHERE clause (as shown above). This clause needs to contain a condition. I've added examples to my answer above. If you can specify what 3 rows in your table you want to be summed up, I can probably help. – programatique Jul 9 '10 at 13:22
SUM(table.column1) + SUM(table.column2) + SUM(table.column3) 
FROM table
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