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I want to debug a mapreduce script, and without going into much trouble tried to put some print statements in my program. But I cant seem to find them in any of the logs.

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Actually stdout only shows the System.out.println() of the non map reduce classes. The System.out.println() for map and reduce phases can be seen in the logs. Easy way to access the logs is http://localhost:50030/jobtracker.jsp->click on the completed job->click on map or reduce task->click on tasknumber->task logs->stdout logs.

Hope this helps

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Another way is through the terminal:

1) Go into your Hadoop_Installtion directory, then into "logs/userlogs".
2) Open your job_id directory.
3) Check directories with _m_ if you want the mapper output or _r_ if you're looking for reducers.

Example: In Hadoop-20.2.0:

> ls ~/hadoop-0.20.2/logs/userlogs/attempt_201209031127_0002_m_000000_0/
log.index   stderr      stdout      syslog

The above means:
Hadoop_Installation: ~/hadoop-0.20.2
job_id: job_201209031127_0002
_m_: map task , "map number": _000000_

4) open stdout if you used "system.out.println" or stderr if you used "system.err.append".

PS. other hadoop versions might have a sight different hierarchy but they're all should be under $Hadoop_Installtion/logs/userlogs.

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to get your stdout and log message on the console you can use apache commons logging framework in to your mapper and reducer.

public class MyMapper extends Mapper<..,...,..,...>{
public static final log LOG = LogFactory.getLog(MyMapper.class)
public void map() throws Exception{
// Log to stdout file
System.out.println("Map key "+ key);

//log to the syslog file
LOG.info("Map key "+ key);

LOG.debug("Map key "+ key);
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Check my quick 1 min screen cast for finding your debug print statements log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiskarRX1v4

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