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I have the following code:

<cfloop list="1|1.2|1,2|1,2,3" delimiters="|" index="x">
    #X# - #int(x)# <br />

Which produces this output:

1 - 1
1.2 - 1
1,2 - 40180
1,2,3 - 37623 

What's happening when I pass in these lists?

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INT() Behavior is undefined if you pass it something that is not a number.

You can check if a string is numeric with the isNumeric() function.

If you need to extract an number from an arbitrary string, use parseInt().

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You'd better explain what results are expecting. Maybe you'll need int(val(x)) as workaround.

Consider this loop example to see the differences between functions you can use:

<cfloop list="1|1.2|1,2|1,2,3" delimiters="|" index="x">
    #x# - #val(x)# - #int(val(x))# - #fix(val(x))# - #isNumeric(x)# - #isValid("integer", x)#<br />

BTW, Railo makes this smarter: it throws an exeption when string can not be converted reliably (iterations 3 and 4).

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I actually wasn't expecting any particular result, I just happened upon the behavior by chance and was trying to determine how the output was being generated. – Anthony Jul 8 '10 at 20:57
guess it was some weird implementation carry over from legacy CF version... – Henry Jul 8 '10 at 20:59

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