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I've cloned a project's sources using Git, which is converted on the server from a SVN repo. The problem with this Git repository is that it lacks tags, branches, and some revisions are missing. The number of revisions is enormous (~20000) for me to use git-svn clone, and it'd be a waste of bandwidth and time as I already have most objects in my local repo. Because of this, I'd like to know:

  • How can I convert my Git repository to a git-svn repo to update directly from the SVN repo instead of the broken Git repo.
  • Can I fetch the missing revisions without having to clone everything?
  • Is it possible to download tags with Git directly?
  • Will those branches be an extra problem?
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  • Letting git-SVN take over your clone is easy; just run git svn init with the same arguments you used in the original repo and then your git svn fetch should find the existing commits in the repo.

  • Adding the branches can't be done without serious repo surgery: you'd have to rewrite much of your history to include the cross-branch merges.

  • Pulling tags in is easy and I believe can be done after the initial repo clone.

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