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I am looking for a plugin that will popup a full size image WITH HYPERLINK when user clicks the thumbnail image link. I found is useful but I can't add the hyperlink to the full size popup image. Anyone has idea where to get it or how to do it? Thanks a lot!

my jquery:

 $('#projects a').lightBox();

my html

<div id='projects'> 
            <a href="image1.jpg" title="test">//I want to add a hyperlink                  
                                                      //when user click the large image
                <img src="photos/thumb_image1.jpg" width="72" height="72" alt="" /></a>
        <a href="image2.jpg">
            <img src="photos/thumb_image2.jpg" width="72" height="72" alt="" />
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Here's a great resource comparing all the different types of light boxes:

You'll want a light box that supports HTML content.

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nice link...thanks a lot! – FlyingCat Jul 8 '10 at 21:57

There are many similar plugins that allow arbitrary HTML content in their windows. For example, you can check out ThickBox or Lytebox. I'm sure that there are others too.

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very nice plugin. Thanks. +1 – FlyingCat Jul 8 '10 at 21:56

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