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I have successfully indexed files, and want to be able to search using wildcards. I am currently using the dismaxRequestHandler (QueryType = dismax) for the searches so that I can search all the fields for the query.

A general search like 'computer' returns results but 'com*er' doesn't return any results. Similary, a search like 'co?mput?r' returns no results.

Could someone please tell me a way to continue using dismax and be able to do wildcard searches in the 'q' field? Does edismax handler have this? If so, How do I use it. I have Solr 1.4.1.

Please help me out.



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Grab latest (trunk) build from Hudson. Use <str name="defType">edismax</str> in the RequestHandler to activate edismax.

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Thanks for you reponse. Is the edismax handler available in the Solr 1.4.1 release ? If yes, I did the exact same thing but its saying 'Unknown query type'. Any idea how to fix this? If No, Do you know when it will be available as part of a stable release? – Imran Khan Jul 9 '10 at 14:08
Thanks. Figured it out. Wildcard searches are working well now :) – Imran Khan Jul 13 '10 at 18:52

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