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I need to render Graphviz DOT graphs in a browser. I also need some interactive functionality such as allowing node names to be hyperlinks.

I have tried using Canviz (Javascript renderer), but it doesn't handle large graphs very well. Many of my links also do not work on large graphs.

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graphviz can also render .svg files which can be displayed by webbrowsers and can contain links etc

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this is the solution i ended up using. SVG is pretty great for my purposes. –  garsh0p Aug 6 '10 at 23:29

It's not cheap but mxGraph should do what you need.

Otherwise take a look at this question for some other suggestions.

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We build this site with a combination of svg (exported from GraphViz) and javascript+svg for the interaction. The highlighting doesn't work in IE, but interaction still does, using imagemaps also generated from GraphViz. I don't know of any off-the-shelf solution.

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Do you generate the graphs on the server, or are you looking for a client-side solution? If the graphs are generated server-side, graphviz is able to generate html imagemaps. See the example here

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Maybe give Cytoscape Web a try. Its parent project, Cytoscape, was built to visualize biological networks, but both generalize to any type of network. Cytoscape Web is a separate project that uses Flash as its engine, but is manipulable client-side through Javascript.

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Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt implemented a fiddler on top of mdaines's compiled-to-javascript GraphViz implementation.

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