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is there a way to, w/ google maps v3, listen to an event that will indicate a groundoverlay asset has been loaded? I'm loading an image onto the map and would like to be notified when the asset has completed downloading and has been presented to the client. Any ideas?

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have you figured this out? i am trying to implement this as well. – snowgage May 31 '12 at 15:57

A straight reading of the Google Maps API v3 documentation would seem to suggest that this wouldn't work, but I've managed to do this using the idle event with addListenerOnce(). (If that doesn't work for you, edit your question to show the code you tried and we'll see if we can get it working.)

The idle event seems to fire exactly once as a way of sort of saying "map is loaded and ready to go" even though the documentation seems to suggest that a pan or zoom needs to happen to trigger it.

Since this is (to my knowledge) undocumented behavior (at least in any official documentation), it runs the risk of suddenly not working one day when the API is updated. You can make the choice to either live with that risk or try to guard against it by specifying the version of the API that you want in your <script> tag that loads the API.

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