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I have the following code to create a dijit.diagram which loads a form from an external link:

function openDialog(userID)
    composeDialog = new dijit.Dialog({
        id: 'composeDialog',
        title: 'Compose a Message', 
        style: 'width: 400px',
        href: 'myform.php?userID='+userID

Now inside my href I have a form that asks the user for several pieces of information, but I am unable to access any of the values. Also if the form is actually submitted, then the user is re-directed to the proper page but none of the variables are passed along. When I try to access my form with dijit.byId('myform') all I get is a null object. Does anybody have any idea?

Thank you very much!

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When you say the "user is re-directed to the proper page," is the dialog's form sending a POST request to the server and the server sending back proper page as its response? – Abboq Jul 14 '10 at 17:27
Yeah the POST request was sent but without any of the variables. I actually ended up reworking that part of the program to not use an external page as the content source for the dialog. – user387302 Jul 16 '10 at 23:50

Javascript is not executed in dijit.Dialog. Use dojox.widget.DialogSimple instead. See this reference

Then, pass the values of the form from the dialog to the page using javascript.

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