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I fill information then tap "Done" button for doing some process and show loading view for waiting.

I need loading view is over every view, but How can I do?

Thanks for adviser.

Here is my image (I'm new in here, so I can't post image)

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You should make your keyboard disappear from the screen as soon as user taps on done button. call this method

[myTextField resignFirstResponder]

when you start loading

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this is the best answer for your question [textField setInputAccessoryView:inputAccessoryView];

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Did you observe the UIKeyboardWillShowNotification and UIKeyboardDidShowNotification notifications? You can update the view elements in the handlers.

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Try to add the loading HUDView ro whatever you are using for the purpose on the application's keywindow. as [[UIApplication sharedApplication].keyWindow addSubview:loadingView];

ALso resigning the responder while the loadingview is displayed is really a very important thing you should do.

[myTextField resignFirstResponder]

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