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In k&r we have managed to create an RPN.

The exercise now is to:

Add commands for handling variables, (It's easy to provide twenty-six variables with single letter names.) Add a variable for the most recently printed value.

So this is meant to act somewhat like the Python interpreter, where we can do:

>>>_ (where _ prints 5)
>>>_ + 5 (which prints 10)

or A = 5 _ + A (which prints 10)

and so on, but I'm not so sure about how I want to go about it in C, I just feel stumped, the RPN as is, is shown here: http://omploader.org/vNHZvYQ

Please help :)

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Create a 26th variable. Any time you print something, write that value into the 26th variable. When they use _ (or whatever name you choose) read from that variable.

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I'm expected to be able to read the variable using the variable name of choice: Given A = 5, when I enter "A", I expect it to print 5, or B = 6, B prints 6, _ prints the last variable, A + B prints 11, _ + 4 would print 15, and so on. –  lamenuts Jul 9 '10 at 6:56

This is first step of building a command line calculator I guess.

Parse the input string for operands and operator. Map the operator to a enum


Call function to compute result

  int    calculate(int i_op1, int i_op2, operator e_operator)
              /*Use switch case to calculate result*/

Save this result into a variable. In input in the string is equal to "_" then use this as first input to the function calculate.

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