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I am new to Web C++ programming. I am trying to use IE8's IWebBrowser2 interface to obtain a webpage's embedded flash's url, height, width information. This flash can be generated by javascript. So I did like this: from IWebBrowser2 I got IHTMLElementCollection,then I iterated through the collection to get IHTMLObjectElement2,and finally called get_data() to get flash's url.

But when I tried to extract flash object's url for "", get_data() returned "null". Why is this?

So what's the difference between IHTMLObjectElement2 and IHTMLElement2? What's the right way to obtain IHTMLElement2 from IWebBrower2?

Also, anybody knows other good forums to ask web programming questions?

Your help is highly appreciated!

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You would grab these in Javascript. Place an ID on the element that the flash is contained in and place that ID in these:


Note that these are dynamic and if the flash applet changes, doesn't load, or breaks, the value can change.

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