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Visual Studio stores "projects" in XML (.vcproj files). In my experience as more and more files are added to the project and as more and more projects are added to a solution opening a solution in IDE takes longer and longer.

Is there a limit to the number of files or to project tree complexity or to some other characteristic of Visual Studio projects and solutions after which typical operations on a project becomes unreasonably slow (or maybe even impossible)?

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Currently working with 80+ projects in Visual Studio 2008. Only complain is the time taken to build solution (which does not happen frequently) is around 10-15 minutes on quad core Xeon! – Devendra D. Chavan Sep 10 '11 at 6:52

There is no realistic limit to the number of projects that you can have in Visual Studio 2008. I have worked with dozens in a single solution and I would imagine that the actual limit would be in the thousands (or more).

You could combat performance issues with an SSD hard drive, multiple processors and a boat load of memory, but you should really consider breaking out the solution and just referencing the assemblies of the upstream projects. Yes, if you have a single solution it makes it easier to debug, but you are costing yourself many many hours of waiting while waiting for the solution to open up and compile.

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