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i used + (id)stringWithCString:mycharaters encoding:NSUnicodeStringEncoding

mycharaters is a char array with an intermediate null charaters and end with two null charaters.

char mycharaters[20];

it contains a unicode string and i want to show it.

but "The array must end with a NULL character; intermediate NULL characters are not allowed."

I wonder how could I show it.

PS:this string contains Chinese and numbers or letters.

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Split the string at the single NULL characters, then convert them and put them together again.

I'd say using single and double NULL is quite unusual...

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The datatype is not too uncommon: it's a string of strings. Technically it's terminated by an empty string. COnsider the pair of '\0' s at the end. The first \0 terminates the last non-empty string, and the second terminates the empty string. –  MSalters Jul 12 '10 at 9:04

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