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How can I query a solr instance for all (or prefixed) field names?

I want to use dynamic fields like


but i do not know how many may exist. So I want to retrieve all fields (preferably with the prefix "category_").

Any Ideas? Thanks

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Use the luke handler:


Use a xpath to get all the field which has the tag dynamicBase matching the dynamic fields definition you are looking for.

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YES! That's it. Thank you. –  floplus Jul 9 '10 at 13:02
An update as I stumbled upon this in 2014... as of solr 4.7 I found the information at mysolrserver/path/to/my/collection/schema/fields –  Philippe Mar 28 '14 at 17:28

If you need to do this from your Java application you can use Solrj and LukeRequestRequestHandler.

Your code would look likes the following.

LukeRequest lukeRequest = new LukeRequest();

LukeResponse lukeResponse = lukeRequest.process(server);

Map<String, FieldInfo> fieldInfoMap = lukeResponse.getFieldInfo();

for (String fieldName : fieldInfoMap.keySet()) {
    FieldInfo fieldInfo = fieldInfoMap.get(facet);

    // process fieldInfo    
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