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Is there an QString function which takes an int and outputs its as a QString?

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Use QString::number():

int i = 42;
QString s = QString::number(i);
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And if you want to put it into string within some text context, forget about + operator. Simply do:

int i = 13;    
QString printable = QString("My magic number is %1. That's all!").arg(i);
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Very useful method! +1 for that. –  Narek Jul 11 '10 at 11:06

I always use QString::setNum().

int i = 10;
double d = 10.75;
QString str;

setNum() is overloaded in many ways. See QString class reference.

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Yet another option is to use QTextStream and the << operator in much the same way as you would use cout in C++:

QPoint point(5,1);
QString str;
QTextStream(&str) << "Mouse click: (" << point.x() << ", " << point.y() << ").";

// Mouse click: (5, 1).

Because operator<<() has been overloaded, you can use it for multiple types, not just 'int'. QString::arg() is overloaded, for example arg(int a1, int a2), but there is no arg(int a1, QString a2), so using QTextStream() and operator << is convenient when formatting longer strings with mixed types.

Caution: you might be tempted to use the sprintf() facility to mimic C style printf() statements, but it is recommended to use QTextStream or arg() because they support Unicode strings.

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Very nice, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for –  Freedom_Ben Feb 21 '14 at 2:29

In it's simplest form, use the answer of Georg Fritzsche

For a bit advanced, you can use this,

QString QString::arg ( int a, int fieldWidth = 0, int base = 10, const QChar & fillChar = QLatin1Char( ' ' ) ) const

Get the documentation and an example here..

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Moreover to convert whatever you want, you can use QVariant. For an int to a QString you get:


A float to a String or a String to a float:

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