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I'm currently trying to load a 32MB trace file in the Service Trace Viewer tool, but performance is dreadful. At this pace it will take about half an hour to process. Something that I think should be prevented by partial loading. Microsoft says the following on the matter:

You do not need to manually enable partial loading. If the total size of the trace file(s) you attempt to load exceeds 40MB, Service Trace Viewer automatically displays a Partial Loading dialog for you to select the part that you want to load.

Is there really not a way to enable this for files smaller than 40MB?

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1) keep some of your older logs that is only very little bit bigger than 40MB

2) drop together your old and new xml-log to SvcTraceViewer window

3) partial loading window appears

4) select time range you need

5) unless you select too broad timerange the old xml-log is not loaded

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Thanks for a good workaround. – basvo Feb 23 '12 at 8:51

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