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I'm looking for a rpc over tcp implementation that uses protobuf-net (or any other .net implementation of protobuf).

Any suggestions?

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Here is a super simple RPC implementation that you can start with: – Paul May 1 '14 at 7:37
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protobuf (under any implementation) is not an RPC stack; it is a serialization stack. You can, however, use WCF to provide the RPC, but hook protobuf-net as the serialization layer inside WCF. That do?

I have a bespoke RPC layer using http, but I haven't implemented one for TCP, and I haven't looked at callbacks. WCF provides these built in, so maybe that is worth looking at?

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I rephrased the question now. – jgauffin Jul 9 '10 at 13:46

For a different RPC implementation that supports protobuf-net, have a look at protobuf-remote. It supports both C++ (using the official implementation) and C# (using protobuf-net). Communication is done using TCP.

I have used it myself to connect from a C# client to a C++ server, and send Proto messages.

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