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I have created one drop down for pasize selection.

<s:select name="pageSize" cssClass="drop"
  list="#actResultLimitValue.lstEntities" listKey="code"
  listValue="value" onchange="document.forms[0].submit()">

And pageSize attribute is there in Actionclass. I used this variable in display tag. Nothing happend. i am getting error.

<display:table id="data" name="lstEntities"  sort="list"  uid="row" class="main"
  pagesize="<%pageSize%>" export="true"

How to achieve this?

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Worked well for below code,

<s:set name="selectedPageSize" value="pageSize" scope="request"/>
<display:table id="data" name="lstEntities"  sort="list"  uid="row" class="main"
        pagesize="${selectedPageSize}"  export="false"
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Eh... I did just have this as a comment, but I'm pretty confident after staring at it for a while that it's the correct answer... so I'll put a real answer.

It looks like you're trying to get the pageSize from your scripting language... if it's jsp try


Though you say it's in the action class so... if you're trying to get it from struts2 try

pagesize="<s:property value="pageSize"/>"
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