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I have a row in a tablex that I want to hide based on a condition. I can do this with the visibility property and also using CanShrink as well is an option.

I've tried both of these and the best I can do is hide the row (make it invisible), but it keeps the whitespace it takes up - I need to remove the whitespace too so if it is not shown that it doesn't take up paper/viewing space.

I have also made the height of the row very small and put cangrow=true so that that if i populate the field with data based on an expression it will grow to the right size but this is not ideal because there is still 0.03125in of space for the row that is always shown (minimim height) and if it grows it grows to fit the text but not neccessarily the set size I want.

I thought I had done this before in an older version of RS but I can't seem to get it to work correctly in this version (2008).

Any ideas?

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Try to set the Hidden property of the Static Row Group under the Details Group, in this case the whole row will disappear instead of the content of the textboxes.

If you are using Report Builder, you need to switch to Advanced Mode (make sure that the Properties and the Grouping windows are displayed, go to the upper right side of the Grouping window and press the black triangle):

The magic triangle

Click on the second "Static" item under the "(Details)" group and you can set the Hidden property on the Properties window.

Link to MSDN sample

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You must also switch to Advanced Mode as described above in the report designer in Visual Studio 2015 (rdlc). This worked for me. Selecting the tablix row and creating an Expression for the Hidden property worked, but left the whitespace for the hidden row as described in original post. This is an easy, albeit somewhat hidden (difficult to discover) solution. I would have never clicked the little downward pointing triangle. I thought It was for accessing options for Column Groups. – iCode Nov 9 '15 at 19:12

A simpler way to get to this option for hiding a row is to right-click on the row header and select "Row Visibility". From there you will get a dialog where to can enter an expression.

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As I described in my comment, and as mentioned in the original post, this does work in that it hides the row, but it also leaves whitespace for the height of the row, which would be undesirable most of the time. – iCode Nov 9 '15 at 19:16

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