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I want a git command that simply outputs the SHA of an arbitrary object (commit, tree, blob, whatever). Basically:

$ git sha HEAD
$ git sha master^:CHANGELOG

...and so forth. This should be the simplest thing in the world, but I can't figure out a good way of doing it. I don't mind using an alias to a complex, option-laden git command, but it seems like I must just be missing a really simple dereference command that git must surely use under the hood all the time.

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For the purposes you have given, your git sha is actually git rev-parse.

% git rev-parse HEAD
% git rev-parse origin/pu^:Documentation/RelNotes-1.7.1.txt
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Ah, nice...I saw that command but didn't make the connection between "parsing arguments" and dereferencing object references. But of course the latter is a crucial part of the former. Thanks! –  James MacAulay Jul 9 '10 at 16:43

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