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Is it possible to pickle (using cPickle) an enum that has been exposed with Boost.Python? I have successfully pickled other objects using the first method described here, but none of that seems to apply for an enum type, and the objects don't seem to be pickleable by default.

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+1 I can't work out how to do this either, but would very much like to! (at the moment I convert enums that have to be pickled into integers first) –  James Jul 31 '10 at 13:29

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Not as they are in the module. I am given to understand that this is SUPPOSED to be possible, but the way the enum_ statement works prevents this.

You can work around this on the python side. Somewhere (probably in a __init__.py file) do something like this:

import yourmodule

def isEnumType(o):
    return isinstance(o, type) and issubclass(o,int) and not (o is int)

def _tuple2enum(enum, value):
    enum = getattr(yourmodule, enum)
    e = enum.values.get(value,None)
    if e is None:
        e = enum(value)
    return e

def _registerEnumPicklers(): 
    from copy_reg import constructor, pickle
    def reduce_enum(e):
        enum = type(e).__name__.split('.')[-1]
        return ( _tuple2enum, ( enum, int(e) ) )
    constructor( _tuple2enum)
    for e in [ e for e in vars(yourmodule).itervalues() if isEnumType(e) ]:
        pickle(e, reduce_enum)


This will make everything pickle just fine.

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I just encountered this issue for enums defined inside a class scope, for python 2.7.3. I manually added: pickle(my_module.my_class.my_enum, reduce_enum), and it worked. I removed the auto detection of enum types - pickling of top level enums seem to have been fixed. –  Jay West Sep 5 '14 at 21:12
That's good to know. Thanks. I haven't worked with BP for several years now, so I am not up on the latest. –  Matthew Scouten Sep 7 '14 at 1:33

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