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I am running a small website wherein I would like to make a functionality like Related Links section.

For that I created fulltext catalog and index.

So far I tried many ways to create search query which behaves like google, but I would say i was not even 10% close to what google is doing. During my research what i found was only following query was pulling good records.

Select col1, col2
from MyTable
FREETEXT(col1,  'User Passed Search Text')

Has anyone has good way to create a FullText Search Query which can help in getting better related records for given text?


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Seemsthe fulltext topic has been discussed quite a bit: Stackover Flow Pros and Cons of full text search types. I might suggest reading over that, as the query you're trying above doesn't even seem to be working that well.

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Hi Frederico, I didn't found any useful answer in that. In case you have created any query in past which was helpful in searching related records, could you please share with me. What i am looking for is a simple mechanism to find related records based on user entered search text. Thanks –  dotnetguts Jul 9 '10 at 19:44

Take a look at this article, you might find it useful

Full Text Search on SQL Server Central

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It's not a good idea to post links without summarizing their contents. Websites go down all the time. –  Christopher Pfohl Nov 29 '12 at 12:42

in where condition put * in place of col1 it will search in complete table and gives you result check the link http://sqlmag.com/sql-server/sample-full-text-search-engine

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