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I launch a shell script from a remote Linux machine using paramiko. The shell script is launched and execute a command make -j8. However the exec_command returns before the completion of the make.

If I launch the script on the local machine it executes correctly.

Could someone explain me this behaviour ?

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You need to wait for application to finish, exec_command isn't a blocking call.

print now(), "before call"
stdin, stdout, sterr = ssh.exec_command("sleep(10)")
print now(), "after call"
channel = stdout.channel
print now(), "before status"
status = channel.recv_exit_status()
print now(), "after status"
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What is the purpose of those now()'s? It seems like they will all just be run very quickly after one another? Are you saying to wait for the application to finish, you would need a 'while not channel.recv_exit_status():' wait loop? If so, once recv_exit_status() returns True, is it guaranteed that stdout.channel.recv_ready() is True if there is ever going to be data on stdout? It seems that sometimes this is not the case. –  David Doria May 7 at 15:09

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