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What compilers target JavaScript runtimes?

Like CoffeeScript. I don't really like javascript, and it will be nice if I could replace it.

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Pyjamas is like GWT, but for Python. Red is a Ruby->JS translator.

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And now, Lisp! See here.

Admittedly, the syntax for some of these implementations is a bit strange. Jisp uses square brackets instead of parentheses.

I'm not sure if "compiled" applies here; at least part of them seem to be interpreters running as JavaScript programs.

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My favorite is HAXE http://haxe.org/, it can compile Flash, C++, PHP too...

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I haven't tried these, but:


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I like JavaScript, but the Google Web Toolkit is an open source development kit for creating and maintaining complex JavaScript applications in Java. It includes a Java-to-JavaScript compiler.

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