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Is it possible to have wildcard targets for non-filenames, like:

build-%: pull-% build-%.stamp
  cd $* ; git log HEAD..origin/master | grep -q . && ( git pull ; $(RM) ../build-$*.stamp ) || true
  cd $* ; ant
  touch $@

The idea is to call make build-foo, which will only call the build when there are new upstream changes (which get pulled).

However, the %-pattern matching appears to apply to filenames only, even when defining the expanded form ("build-foo") in .PHONY.

Do I have to use templates, as used in ?

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This seems to work well enough in GNUMake 3.81. What Make are you using? – Beta Jul 9 '10 at 19:42
the same, GNU Make 3.81. Using the Makefile just like above make build-foo results in make: *** No rule to make target build-foo'. Stop.` - not "well enough" for me. I've used the TEMPLATE approach now, works fine. – blueyed Jul 9 '10 at 20:40
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Ah! Put a semicolon after the build-% rule.

(I didn't notice this problem because I put a command in the rule: @echo $@.)

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