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I am using Jquery autocomplet for two fields, Country and state. I want the states list according to country value and I am getting this too.

My problem is that state auto complete also show the result of previous country seach. I know this is because jquery cache the result.

Some one please guide me how to solve this

My code is below

flushCache: function() {
     return this.trigger("flushCache");

$('#khk_adressen_LieferPLZ').autocomplete("/postals/auto_complete_for_postals_list", {
               flushCache: function() {
     return this.trigger("flushCache");
  extraParams: {
      country_name: function() { return $("#khk_adressen_LieferLand").val(); }


Thansk in advance

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Can you please post your code . – NM. Jul 9 '10 at 20:27
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This should work:


It will clear the cache after they select the country.

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+1 for mentioning how to use fluchCache with "result" – masato-san Dec 15 '11 at 2:24

You can do it by this way. you can set everythig....try.........

 $("#setcommonelement_ElementName").autocomplete(data, {
        minChars: 0,
        width: 262,
        matchContains: "word",
        scrollHeight: 220,    
        cacheLength: 0

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