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I have a legacy site that has dozens of little images on it. In addition, a CSS sprite is used for a variety of styling components. My browsers are loading the CSS image after the slew of HTML images, so the styling is blocked by the number of pending HTTP requests. I really want the CSS to load first, as many of these HTML images area actually not displayed on page load.

Is there an effective way to cause a browser to load CSS background images before HTML images, or vice versa?

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Is your CSS file loaded first? e.g. in your HEAD element? if so, it should queue those images before the other images in your pages.

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Yes, the CSS is loaded in the head, so I thought it would load these first, but it doesn't comply. I've noticed that it is definitely non-deterministic, as different images will require different load times on different occasions. – jkelley Jul 9 '10 at 20:42

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