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I am creating an EditText object which I then try to reference in a unit test. What is the best way to add a new id to for this dynamically created object, so that I can later reference it via findViewById() in the unit test?

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You can set ID's you'll use later in class using an xml resource file, and let Android SDK give them unique values during compile time.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <item name="my_edit_text_1" type="id"/>
    <item name="my_button_1" type="id"/>
    <item name="my_time_picker_1" type="id"/>


To use it in code:

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can i call the file anothername.xml ? – ofir_aghai Jun 29 at 9:33
Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, as with all Android resources, you can name that .xml anyway you like... – Hidden Android Aug 24 at 0:26

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