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I have the following batch script from Wikipedia:

@echo off
    for /R "C:\Users\Admin\Ordner" %%f in (*.flv) do (
    echo %%f

I learned here that %%~nf returns just the filename without the extension. Now I just wanted to remove (Video) from the filenames (%%~nf). How could I do that?

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Try this:

@echo off
for /R "C:\Users\Leniel\Desktop\BatchTest" %%f in (*.flv) do (
    call :Sub %%~nf 

set str=%*
set str=%str:(Video)=%
echo %str%

Take a look at the following link to learn about removing a substring using string substitution:

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I took already a look but %%f seems not the be the same as for e.g. %str% – Poru Jul 9 '10 at 21:26

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