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I have a following hash table:

private Hashtable Sid2Pid = new Hashtable();


Now how to get the list of keys from the above hashtable that has a value of 20 using LinQ

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Use a Dictionary<int, int> instead of a Hashtable (see here for why) then do the following:

var keys = Sid2Pid.Where(kvp => kvp.Value == 20)
                  .Select(kvp => kvp.Key);
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+1 for pointing out bad choice of container –  spender Jul 12 '10 at 0:28
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A HashTable is IEnumerable of DictionaryEntry, with a little casting this can be converted into something the LINQ operators can work on:

var res = from kv in myHash.Cast<DictionaryEntry>
          where (int)kv.Value = targetValue
          select (int)kv.Key;

NB. This will throw an exception if you pass different types.

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