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I am new to java and have a swing task question.

Can I add a listener to a currently running task? For instance if something happens in doInBackGround I want to add a listener for finished and display a dialog. I have tried but the compiler doesnt like me. :)

Something like.

private class MyTask extends Task<Void, Void>{
  public void doInBackground(){
     if(foo == foo){
        this.addTaskListener(new TaskListener() {
          public void taskFinsished(){}...


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why don't you add it to MyTask's constructor ? –  Xorty Jul 10 '10 at 11:41

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Task is not a listener-oriented component. You need to override one or more of it's methods to get the results. All of these methods will execute on the EDT.

cancelled() - The cancel() method was called to terminate the task.

succeeded(T result) - The Task completed, and result holds the return value from doInBackground().

interrupted(InterruptedException e) - interrupt was called on the Thread executing the Task.

failed(Throwable cause) - The doInBackground threw an exception.

finished() - The Task has finished (in some fashion). Think of this as the functional equivalent of finally for Tasks.

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