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Googling reveals several Python interfaces to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Which are the most popular, feature-complete, etc?

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I suggest boto - It's an active project, and boto's new home is now on GitHub, so you can fork it and add/patch it as desired (not that you need to - it seems very stable).

The author recently got a job that lets him hack on this part time for work, see And Now For Something Completely Different...

Update: Meanwhile the author, Mitch Garnaat, has fortunately joined the AWS team as well, see Big News Regarding Python, boto, and AWS, promoting this de facto AWS SDK for Python to a semi official one:

Building on this model, Mitch Garnaat has also joined the team. Mitch has been a member of the AWS community for over 6 years and has made over 2,000 posts to the AWS Developer Forums. He is also the author of boto, the most popular third-party library for accessing AWS, and of the Python and AWS Cookbook.

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Try python amazon web services

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I'm using pyaws. It's not bug-free[*], but seems to work sufficiently well for me. I haven't tried looking for alternatives.

[*] The only bug I've seen was that iterating over the results for a particular query gave me an unexpected IndexError; for some reason the iterator thought it had 11 results instead of the 8 ones it actually had. I don't really know if the bug is in pyaws or if Amazon manager to return an invalid result for that query.

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